If you want to present your clients with perfect pasta dishes, then we suggest that you consider including the fresh-frozen pasta available through Abraham’s Supplies on your menu.

This type of pasta is flash-frozen such that the flavour of fresh pasta is locked. At Abraham’s Supplies you can find a wide variety of fresh-frozen pasta that is imported from one of Italy’s best suppliers.

The operation is dedicated to creating quality products using the best ingredients and methods in order to provide the professional caterers with a top-quality product.   Production regions are visited to select the best ingredients and whenever possible sources the ingredients in whole, unprocessed form to ensure more control in the processing of the product.   Furthermore, whenever it is dealing with fillings for pasta, the focus is on ensuring consistency that clearly distinguishes between the ingredients as this enhances fragrance and flavour.

For more information and to view the full range of fresh-frozen pasta available through Abraham’s Supplies, contact Abraham’s Supplies on 21563231 / 21560952.