Hampers 2017/18

From Helsinki to Vienna, and Rome, this year’s Christmas at Abraham’s is a journey that celebrates
Europe’s capital cities, culminating in our own Valletta, as the European city of the year.

Along with these, we are also evoking the memories of Europe’s most prominent politicians and its founding fathers. Part of this year’s range of hampers have been named for people like Robert Schumann, Konrad Adenauer, Jean Monnet and Winston Churchill.

And back to our beloved Valletta, our signature Ogygia line that delights our customers with authentic local produce, is an ode to the favourite streets of the capital city. From Strada Zecca, to Strada Mercanti, Strada Rjali, and the notorious Strada Stretta it’s all about the splendour of a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen…

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